1. Installation of ServiceNow Mobile App

  1. Search “servicenow”, and then select and install the ServiceNow app.
  2. service now 01service now 02
  3. After installation, open the ServcieNow app.
  4. service now 03
  5. Enter the instance URL, (i.e. https://itsnow.hku.hk), and then click Continue.
  6. service now 04
  7. On the HKU Portal login screen, enter your UID and password to login the instance.
  8. service now 05
  9. After login, it will redirect you to the ServiceNow mobile app main screen.
  10. service now 06
  11. To logout, click the service now 07 icon at top right corner , and then click the Log out.
  12. service now 08

2. Use of ServiceNow Mobile App

2.1 Create Incident

  1. Click service now 09 icon at bottom left corner to access the Navigator menu.
  2. Select SELF-SERVICE > Create Incident.
  3. service now 10
  4. Select the Urgency and enter your issue, and then click Submit.
  5. service now 11
  6. You can add this page into “Favorite” which will then be shown in the homepage of the App by default to facilitate future submissions. Click the service now 12 star icon at the bottom of the page.

    service now 13

    Set the name, color, or icon as needed, and click Save.

    service now 14

  7. After submission, user can update the Short description or post Additional comments if necessary.
  8. service now 15

2.2 Knowledge

  1. Select SELF-SERVICE > Knowledge from the Navigator menu.
  2. service now 16

  3. Type a keyword you wish to look up and press “Return”.
  4. service now 17

    Or click the filter button service now 18.

    service now 19

    Select a subject you are interested in and click the cross button service now 20. The list of relevant knowledge available will be shown. Click the subject link you wish to look into and a page showing the FAQ link will be shown.

    service now 21

    You can then refer to the suggested FAQ link for details.

    service now 22

    Note: It is a known issue that some Android devices and Android versions may not show the knowledge properly or in a consistent way. The issue may be able to address in the upgrade version.

2.3 My Incidents

  1. Select SELF-SERVICE > My Incidents from the Navigator menu.
  2. service now 23
  3. The screen will list all active incidents raised by the login user.
  4. service now 24
  5. By clicking the service now 25 icon at top right corner, the Activity log of all listed incidents will be displayed.
  6. service now 26service now 27

2.3.1 Quick Search

  1. On the Incidents list, user can enter value in the search box Search Box to perform quick search.

    service now 28

2.3.2 Filtering Rules

  1. To add filtering rules, user can click the service now 18icon, and then add or remove Filters conditions.

    service now 30

    service now 31

2.3.3 Configure Favorite on Homepage

  1. After adding filtering rules on a list, user can click the service now 29 star icon to save the filtered list as favorite to home page.

    service now 32

    Set the name, color, or icon as needed, and click service now 33 tick icon to save the record.

    service now 34

    The favorite tag will be added to the home page.

    service now 35

  2. To change or remove a favorite on home page,
    1. Tab and hold the favorite tag on homepage.
    2. service now 36
    3. Change the name, color, or icon as needed, and click service now 33 tick icon to save the record.

      To remove the favorite from the Home page, tap the service now 37 trash icon.

      service now 38

2.3.4 View Incidents Detail

  1. On the Incidents list, user can select and click on a row to view the incident details.

    service now 39

    service now 40

2.3.5 Attach file to Incident

  1. To attach a file to the incident, click the service now 42 icon.

    service now 41

2.3.6 Enter Additional Comment

  1. To enter an additional comment to the incident, click the service now 43 icon and then select Additional comments.

    service now 44

  2. When user click the incident record,

    service now 45

    it will show below screen:

    service now 46

3. My Assessments & Surveys

  1. Select SELF-SERVICE > My Assessment & Surveys from the Navigator menu.service now 47
  2. Similar to desktop version, user can select and complete the ITS Satisfactory Survey.

    service now 48

    service now 49


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