Conditions on IT Usage

  1. IT facilities are allocated to a user on the strict understanding that the results obtained are to be used solely for the purposes of the University. Consulting work, as defined by the Terms of Service of the University, is not to be undertaken under the general account allocated even in those cases where the results may also be of value to teaching and/or research purposes. Users who wish to use the facilities of the Information Technology Services (ITS) for outside practice or other outside work should contact the Director of IT Services who will be glad to provide a charging rate and another account for such purposes.
  2. ITS will take necessary precautions to ensure the privacy of users’ data and programs on the systems. However, operational requirements may necessitate access to users’ data files by ITS staff. Any information thus obtained will be treated strictly confidential.
  3. ITS reserves the right to ask a user to re-write parts of a program if, in the opinion of ITS, the efficiency and effectiveness of computer usage can be improved by so doing. ITS staff will provide adequate assistance to the user to carry out the suggested modifications.