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Information Security

We are putting a key focus on strengthening the information security for the entire University.  On the prevention side, we keep on tightening up the security measures such as to enforce compliance of all computer servers connected to the campus network to a set of security technical standards; increase the awareness in information security through trainings and promotion activities; adopt software asset management on a University-wide scale; implement the University-wide Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) to protect data stored in USB Portable Storage Devices ("PSD") when personal data is involved and conduct security assessment by independent consultancy firms for departments.

To tackle the day-to-day and ever-changing cyber-attacks, ITS will also conduct regular security checking on our systems and servers to ensure necessary protections are in place and vulnerabilities are fixed immediately once they are identified.  Incident response service is also provided in handling abuse cases such as copyright infringement and account hacking. 

Please visit the following pages for more information related to the information security services offered by ITS: