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Remote Access (HKUVPN)


The HKUVPN (Virtual Private Network) Gateway (called HKUVPN) is a channel for accessing the Campus Network when staff, students and departmental account holders are outside the University network.   This service is available to current staff and students which supports a secure connection for them to access the electronic resources, licensed web resources and faculty intranets in the same way as if they are within the University.

With effect from 4 January 2016, 2-factor authentication (2FA) by making use of HKU Portal UID/PIN and a one-time password is required for accessing the HKUVPN service. You can register to use 2FA through the online form-

Staff (except visiting, honorary and hourly-paid staff who can use alternate email address only) can choose to receive the token code either through a registered alternate email address or a Mobile App.

Students and departmental account holders will receive the token code via their registered alternate email address.

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Staff and students

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