With Artificial Intelligence (AI) set to revolutionize education, HKU ITS is providing ChatGPT and DALL∙E, powered by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI services, for staff and students to prepare for the future and reap benefits from the immense potential AI has to offer. Limited to teaching, learning, work and research-related purposes only, these AI assistants can help users resolve queries and assist in tasks 


ChatGPT Web App

  • Unlimited requests per day in GPT-3.5.
  • Up to 60 requests per day in GPT-4.


  • Up to 200 per day with GPT-3.5.
  • Up to 60 requests per day with GPT-4.
  • Up to 30 requests per day with GPT-4 (32k).

DALL∙E Web App

  • Unlimited requests per day.


  • Up to 10 requests per day.

Contact ITS Service Desk to increase the quota limit via a self-pay subscription.


ChatGPT & DALL∙E Web Apps

API calls are not available at the moment for students.

Be aware of each course’s policy on using AI for assistance in any coursework. Failure to adhere to the course policy can lead to disciplinary action against the student. 

Data Privacy and Content Filtering

With respect to data privacy, user inputs in the web apps, for both staff and students, are neither recorded by HKU nor Microsoft. There is also a default content filtering system in place to avoid ChatGPT and DALL∙E to generate hate, sexual, violent and self-harm outputs.