About HKU App

Functions of HKU App

A wide range of useful information about the University can be found under HKU App at users’ fingertips. Below is a summary of the available information/functions-

about HKU

About HKU

The latest information of HKU

attendance hku


Taking attendance at classes and events

course hku


Provide course information, course enrollment statistics and plan for undergraduates



Timetable information of HKU students



List of publications (e.g. newsletter, calender) of University



Search and find your way at your fingertips around the University

University Libraries


Information resources including locations, seat booking, databases, user circulation record, and more

student life

Student Life

Resources for HKU students (e.g. accommodation, counseling and student development programmes, etc.)



Emergency contact phone numbers at HKU

shuttle bus

Shuttle Bus

Shuttle bus timetable information at HKU



Access to audio-visual materials on U-Vision and link to HKU community

staff directory

Staff Directory

Staff Corner icon

An easy way to search the office contact information of HKU staff

expense claim (for staff)

Expense Claim (for staff)

Staff Corner icon

Submit staff reimbursement claims 

HKU Portal

HKU Portal

A single sign-on platform for staff and students to access all the centrally provided IT services

informstion security

Info Security

Staff Corner & Student Corner icon

Timely alerts on current information security issues and latest phishing emails reported from HKU users

learning facilities

Learning Facilities

Staff Corner & Student Corner icon

Communal facility opening hours and availability of PCs in the Learning Commons

Staff and students can book the study rooms and communal PCs in the Chi Wah Learning Commons and check their booking records online under the Staff Corner and Student Corner of HKU App after HKU Portal login (after login > tap Learning Facilities > select Booking of PCs or Booking of CWLC Study Rooms)

service suspension

Service Suspension

Staff Corner & Student Corner icon

Alert on service suspension currently occurring on HKU campuses



Search for job vacancies

HKU Moodle

HKU Moodle

Staff Corner & Student Corner icon

Centrally managed Learning Management System for use by staff and students

financial info

Financial Info

Student Corner icon

Show outstanding University charges, payment reference/instructions and FEO’s contacts



Channel to show multimedia contents of the University


Channel to read HKU eNotices posted by departments


Latest research, innovations and institutional happenings at HKU

Information for HKU staff and students

Some of the functions are specifically designed for use by current staff and students who can access them with HKU Portal login.  They are indicated by the following legends-

Staff Corner icon  Staff Corner

Staff Corner & Student Corner icon Staff Corner & Student Corner

Student Corner icon Student Corner

How to receive push notifications?

HKU App push notification is used for delivery of HKU Urgent Notices from the University senior management.

  1. Download the latest version of the HKU App from App Store (iOS platform) or Google Play (Android platform).
  2. After installation, open the HKU App once.  Tap “Yes” to receive push notification if you are prompted.
    • You can turn on “Notifications” explicitly to receive the push notification of HKU App.


Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts