A cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) developed by Wix with subscription coordinated through ITS.


  • An easy to use website CMS, mainly drag and drop
  • Over 500 templates of website designs and over 250 add-on features
  • Artificial Design editor Intelligent (ADI) allows simple website setup by answering a few questions
  • Mobile friendly (without additional efforts)
  • Secure with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), ISO 27001 & ISO 27018 compliance


  • Short lead time in setup
  • Easy to set up and maintain that requires little or no programming skills
  • Nice templates and layouts readily available
  • Cloud-based solution requires
    • No server set up
    • No server maintenance/update effort
    • Security compliance

Get Started

  1. Sign up a Wix account and a Wix site by following the procedures
  2. After a Wix site is set up, complete CF83.
  3. Each department is provisioned with a number of CMS websites through central cost according to the following calculation:

No. of CMS website provision = (No. of professoriate staff in a department/3 + No. of professoriate staff in a department/20) or 3, whichever is larger

*Additional websites can be requested at the cost of HK$600/website on a yearly basis.

Training Materials

On-going Training

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