Comparison between Wix and WordPress CMS

PlatformProsConsBest for
  • Short lead time in setup
  • Easy to set up and maintain that requires little or no programming skills
  • Nice templates and layouts readily available
  • Cloud-based solution requires
    • No server set up
    • No server maintenance/update effort
    • Security compliance
  • Mainly out-of-the-box features and restrictive in customization
  • Do not support webpages with access control
  • Web designers who are having no or little programming knowledge
  • Websites without complicated feature requirements
  • Departments looking for quick wins and a fast website implementation
WordPress CMS
  • Manpower savings in setting up and maintaining the WordPress CMS and its plugins
  • Improved security as ITS will ensure the version of WordPress is kept up-to-date with security patches and fixed applied
  • Supporting webpages with access control for use by HKU staff and students and authentication through Single Sign-On using HKU Portal UID/PIN is enabled
  • Theme templates and plugins are available for use and customization by departments
  • Little restriction in customization and departments with the necessary programming knowledge can tailor make a feature-rich and unique website on their own
  • Websites are hosting on ITS servers
  • Relatively long learning curve if one does not have relevant programming knowledge
  • An open-source software without official support, and support relies on the online user guides and community forum.
  • Web designers with programming knowledge
  • Websites that require customized and more complicated features