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Reminder: Please Do NOT import Turnitin Assignments. Turnitin Assignments must be manually created for each course.

Back up My Moodle course

  1. Access the course which you want to make a backup.

  2. In the course webpage, Go to the “Administration” Block, Under the “Course administration”, Click the “Backup”.

  3. In the course backup page, You can configure the backup settings by selecting what kinds of information you want to backup. After finish the selection click “Next” to go to the next step of the backup process.

  4. In the schema settings page, you can select the topics/resources/activities you want to make a backup and whether include the user data for each topic/resource/activity. After you finish this part, click “Next” button to go to the next step of the backup process.

  5. In the Confirmation and review page, you can set the file name of your backup file and review the settings you have done for the course backup. Once you confirm the settings, Click “Perform backup” Button to perform the back up.

  6. Click “Continue” to see the result of the backup process.

  7. In this page, you can download the backup file (By clicking “Download“ next to each backup file) or restore the backup (By clicking “Restore“ next to each backup file).

Restore My Moodle course

    1. Access the course which you want to restore.
    2. In the course webpage, Go to the “Settings” Block, Under the “Course administration”, Click the “Restore”.
    3. In the restore webpage, you can
      1. restore from the Course backup area. Click the “Restore” next to each backup file in the course backup area.
      2. restore by uploading a backup file. Click the “Choose a file”, then a “file picker” window will appear.

        • In the file picker window, select “Upload a file”.

        • Click “Browse..” to select your local backup file (xxxx.mbz).

        • Click “Upload this file” after you finish the selection of your local pc backup file.

        • After finishing the uploading process, Click the “Restore” button to restore your course.

    4. After finish step 3, you will redirect to start the restore process. In the Confirm page, you can check the detail of the backup file you want to restore. After checking the information is correct, click the “Continue” button to go to the next step.
    5. In the destination page, you select to “merge the backup course into this course“ . After finish the selection, click “Continue“.

      *Do not select “Delete the contents of the course and then restore”, otherwise, all user data will also be deleted, including all teacher access.

    6. In the restore settings, setting the information you want to restore, then click “Next” button.
    7. Configure the course settings including course name, course short name and the topics you want to restore. then click “Next”.
    8. After confirming the information of the restore process. Click “Perform restore” to restore the course.


Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

April 2024
April 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts