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Edit Resources and Activities

For Course Resources and Activities, they can be added, deleted, indented, moved, updated, deleted, hidden, shown or assigned to groups. The teacher can edit individual activities and resources in a section by clicking on their individual icons. Before editing the resources and activities, click “Turn editing on” if you have not done so.


  • After turning on the editing mode, the edit function icon list will be added next to each editable item in your Moodle course.

  • The usage of each icon is listed in the table below.

1Edit titletitle1[1]Update the title of the item.
2Move rightright1[1]Move the selected Item to the right (horizontal).
3Move left left1[1]Move the selected Item to the left (horizontal).
4Move resourcemove1[1]Move the selected Item to another position (vertical).
5Edit settingsupdate1[1]Update the content and properties for the selected Item.
6Duplicateduplicate1[1]Duplicate the selected Item and edit the new copy version.
7Deletedelete1[1]Delete the selected Item completely.
8Hidehide1[1]Hide or Show the selected Item to student.
9Assign groupAssignrole1[1]Change the Group Assign Mode for the selected Item. The available options are “No Group“, “Separate Group”, “Visible Group”.


Edit Topic

  1. The topic name and description that appears to Moodle users can be edited by clicking the “…” and then “Edit topic” of each topic as following.
    Edit topic
  2. Fill in the new Section name and Summary for your topic and click “Save Changes” to make the change effective.
    Edit Summary

Edit Block

  • The blocks, show on the right-hand side the Moodle course page, can be relocated to other position in the course page by clicking Move button.
  • They can also be set to visible or hidden or completely deleted by pressing Action MenuAction menu.


The following table descripts the usage of the function icons in each block.

1Hidehide1[1]Hide or Show the selected block to student.
2Updateupdate1[1]Update the properties of the selected block.
3Deletedelete1[1]Delete the selected block on the course completely.


Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts