FAQ of SSQ Wi-Fi Installation

Eligibility for installation of HKU Wi-Fi services at Senior Staff Quarters (SSQ)

  • All HKU senior staff living in Senior Staff Quarter at Pine Court, Pine Grove, Rodrigues Court, Tam Gardens and Tam Towers are eligible for these installation services.
  • All tenants should install the HKU Wi-Fi services in the main round installation (i.e., tentatively up to end of September 2023).
  • Cost may be charged to the tenant of the apartment if the installation request is made after the main round installation.
  • Direct connect to HKU Network without HKUVPN
  • High speed and stable Internet connection via HKU
  • Wide Wi-Fi 6 coverage with roaming signals

HKU Wi-Fi Services Installation Work and Schedule

  • The main round installation is tentatively up to end of September 2023.
  • The installation work in each flat will require around 3 ~ 4 hours.
  • Noisy work for installing conduit will be required.

Enjoy the HKU Wi-Fi services

  • After installation, the HKU Wi-Fi signal will cover most part of the flat including the living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and study rooms.
  • A unique SSID and password for the flat’s Wi-Fi will be provided to the tenant immediately after the work is completed on the installation day.
  • By using that SSID and password, the tenant can start to enjoy HKU Wi-Fi services.
  • There is no data suage limitation for using HKU Wi-Fi network.
  • The network bandwidth for each flat is 1Gbps.
  • Similar to the setup for the mobile device connected to the other Wi-Fi network, only simple steps for choosing the flat SSID with password are required.
  • A unique SSID and password of each flat’s Wi-Fi services will be provided to the tenant, the tenant can share them to any members in the flat so that they can also enjoy our HKU Wi-Fi services.
  • The HKU Wi-Fi services installation work will not have any impact on the network cables provided by the existing outside broadband services provider, but some wireless interference may be incurred if both HKU Wi-Fi network devices and existing broadband devices are both powered on at the same time.
  • As all mobile devices in flat can connect internet via HKU network devices, in general, it is not necessary to keep other Wi-Fi services provided by outside service providers.
  • However, it is up to the decision of the tenant whether he would like to keep an additional Wi-Fi service of other service providers.
  • No, the wired network port on the Access Point or Router are not workable.
  • There are no health risks from exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields from our Wi-Fi devices (i.e.WiFi Access Point) in the flats.
  • As the network design is to provide comprehensive Wi-Fi signal coverage to all bedrooms. In case the tenant refuses to install AP in bedrooms in main round installation, they will be required to pay the installation charges if they request to add back the AP in later time.