If one of my devices cannot connect to Wi-Fi, is there some general methods that I can try to solve the problem?

  1. Reboot the device
  2. Forget the SSID/profile and reconnect
  3. Reset the network setting (MUST ensure you remember all WiFi passwords since this method will forget all Wi-Fi connection in one’s device):

    How to reset your Android or iOS network settings in seconds

    How to Reset Network Settings in Windows 10
  1. Update the driver, especially for new Windows buyers:

    Simple method (Method 2 of this link): Update Wireless Software or Driver on Windows 11/10 – Driver Easy

    More effective method: How to Update Your Wireless (Wi-Fi) Driver – Connectify Hotspot Knowledge Base
  1. For Windows Insider Preview version, suggest rollback to stable version, like WIN10




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February 2024

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