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The Quickmail is a block that provides emailing capability within Moodle courses.

It allows teachers to email students with the following functions:

  • sending regular emails
  • emails can have attachments
  • keeping email history
  • sending emails with student groups
  • students can be allowed to use Quickmail too

Add a Block

  1. Click “Turn editing on” button on the course site.
  2. Select Quickmail from “Add a block” dropdown menu in the lower right corner.
  3. Click “Turn Editing Off” button on the course site.

Compose New Email

  1. Click “Compose New Email” link inside the Quickmail block.
  2.  Select recipients from the Potential Recipients, and click “Add”.
  3.  Type in your Subject of the email and the email Message, attach a file in the
    Attachment(s) section.
  4. Click “Send email” button to send.

Setup Signatures

  1. Click “My Signatures” link inside the Quickmail block.
  2.  Input the Title of your Signature.


  3.  Setup your Signature content and style.


  4. Click  “Save changes button to send.

Review History

  1. Click “View Sent Messages” link inside the Quickmail block.
  2.  Click magnifying glass icon to review individual message.

    (Note that this icon will get you back to the Compose email screen, which will be pre-filled with the original values from the old email. This is handy for resending an email to a particular user or for sending similar emails.)
  3.  You can delete a record by clicking the red x icon.

Allow Students to Send Emails

  1. Click “Configuration” link inside the Quickmail block.
  2.  Change the Allow students to use Quickmail dropdown list to “Yes”.

  3.  Click “Save changes” button.


  •  If you do now allow students to use Quickmail – they will not even see the block on the site homepage.
  • Attachment behaves differently for Students and for Teachers.
    • Students can select a file from their hard drive to attach to the email. This file is only temporarily stored on the server and it deleted after the email has been sent.

    • Teachers use the standard course files interface. These files are stored in the course files and are never removed by Quickmail.


Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

April 2024
April 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts