Add a Wiki

  1. Access the course which you would like to edit and click the “Turn editing on” if you have not done so.

  2. Click “Add an activity or resource” in the course section where you would like to add the wiki.

  3. Fill in the general information of the wiki.

  4. Fill in the other information of the wiki, including Wiki settings, Common module settings, Restrict access and activity completion.

    Note: You can click on the question_mark[1] behind each fields to view the usage.

    i. Wiki settings.
    ii. Common module settings(Optional)
    iii. Restrict access(Optional)
    iv. Activity completion(Optional)

  5. Submit and Create the Wiki.

After complete all the previous steps, you can click the “Save and return to course” / “Save and display” to save the change.

Add and Edit wiki page

  1. Click on the Wiki you want to edit and then click the Edit tab on the front page of the Wiki.

  2. In the html edit box type the title of the wiki link that you want to create. Enclose the title text in a set of double square brackets. Like this [[the wiki link name]]. Click “Save” button.

  3. Click the new wiki link you just created.

Comment on the wiki page

  1. Click on the Comment tab on the front page of the Wiki.

  2. Add Comment to the wiki page.

  3. Click “Save changes”.