How to access your Email after Modern Authentication is enforced

How to access your Email after Modern Authentication is disabled

Onwards Oct 1, 2022, Microsoft will begin to permanently disable Basic Auth in all tenants. If you still accessing IMAP, POP and SMTP AUTH protocols in your email configuration or outdated mail applications, you might encounter problem in email access. Please switch to use one of the supported email apps, and re-configure your email app […]

Information Security and Personal Data Protection Awareness Week 2022

news on Information Security and Personal Data Protection Awareness Week 2022

The “Information Security and Personal Data Protection Awareness Week 2022” (Awareness Week) will be organized from 7 to 11 November 2022.  This is an annual event co-organized by Information Technology Services (ITS) and the University Data Protection Officer; and supported by Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS), Communications and Public Affairs Office (CPAO) […]

New Features of Attendance@HKU

Attendance@HKU is available for use by departments in taking attendance online at classes or events in centrally-timetabled classrooms and some departmental rooms or laboratories with the enabling devices installed.  Attendees will only need to open the app at the venue during the class/event and attendance will be automatically recorded.  Administrative functions are also available for […]

社交媒體私隱保障實用貼士 Practical Tips on Privacy Protection in Using Social Media

PCPD PAW 2022_Poster

細閱私隱政策 Read the privacy policy 切勿發布或 轉載「起底」訊息 Do not publish or forward doxxing messages 檢查預設私隱及保安設定 Check the default settings on privacy and security 採用強密碼及 啟用雙重認證功能 Use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication 如非必要, 關閉位置追蹤功能 Turn off the location tracking function if not needed 避免使用公共 | Wi-Fi進行交易 Avoid transactions over public Wi-Fi connections

Update Your Sophos Installation NOW

replace Sophos

The subscription of the Sophos anti-virus solution (called Sophos Endpoint Protection) currently provisioned through the coordination of ITS will expire on 1 July 2022. As this anti-virus solution will reach its end of life in 2023, we have arranged another Sophos product for use by University staff and students. 1. What do I need to […]

FAQs on IT Use

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Below are the most frequently asked questions we received in March 2022.  Please take a look in case you may come across any of them later. Zoom I was assigned as an alternative host of a zoom meeting and I can’t find the recording and reports of the meeting. Why? The recording and reports will […]

Foxit PDF Editor Pro is Available from ITS Now

The Foxit PDF editor to replace Acrobat PDF Pro

Following the subscription expiry of PDF-XChange in March 2022, ITS has arranged another alternative PDF editing tool, Foxit PDF Editor, for use by staff and students.   Each staff and students can download and use ONE copy of this software to support their works and studies during their stay at the University. Foxit PDF Editor provides a full […]