Cyber Security Micro-film series Video Script Ep2 – Ransomware

Cayla: Who are you? Why am I here?

Red: Calm down. Make yourself at home. You are now inside your computer, a familiar place to you. If you want to know who I am, ask yourself.You invited me.


C: Maybe you got the wrong person. I think you should go to the doctor. I have to go now. I have got stuff to do.


R: Come over and take your seat. You could not leave the room before making a decision. This room, or your computer, has been taken over by me. All the files and documents are locked and encrypted, including this, a photo that you treasure.


C: Wow! What an artwork of Picasso!


R: Take a closer look.


C: What?Alex?!What happened to my idol?


R: Everything in this room is also like this, and the photo in your hand is only the tip of the iceberg.


C: What do you want?


R: The box. I want to make a deal with you. You have two choices. You either take the blue key, open that door and leave the room. But you would lose all the files and documents. Or you take red key, decrypt all the files and documents, go back to your life, but leave the box.


R: Good Choice.


C: Why would this card come with my food? I.S.A? A QR code?


Agent zero: Hi Cayla. This is agent Zero from I.S.A., I am coming for your information security issues.


C: Again. What is it this time? What do you want from me?


Agent zero: Please don’t misunderstand me. We are I.S.A. . Our mission is to help the victims of information security issues to solve their problems with our advanced technology professionally, effectively and efficiently. According to our information, you were extorted by ransomware.


C: Ransomware? That red thing is ransomware. And she said that I invited her. I never download ransomware.


Agent zero: Ransomware is hard to be figured out from the appearance. It could disguise itself as a legitimate file. For example, a plain text file or your academic result. It could also hide in spam emails, advertising, or hacked websites. It is possible not to be noticed.


C: What should I do now? Dad’s house was mortgaged to get my computer back. Did I make the right decision?


Agent zero: It depends on the value of your computer and your father’s house. If you didn’t make the decision, it is difficult to get back your data without paying the ransom.  Generally, no one can decrypt files and documents without our I.S.A. advanced technology.


C: What can you do to help me? Can you get my money back?


Agent zero: Well, I can help you once only, according to our code of agent. Agent 404, you are permitted to have the high agent type A access right. Execute program F5 to help Cayla.


Agent 404: The order is confirmed and will be processed immediately.


C: What is happening to my phone?


Agent zero: It’s time to end our conversation. We will be back if there are information security issues.


Agent 404: Hi Cayla. This is Agent 404 from I.S.A.. I have received the command from Agent zero and come for your information security issue.


C: Oh my god! Super star Alex! Can I take some photos with you?


Agent 404: Sorry. I am Agent 404. My mission is only to help you execute program F5. Taking pictures is not included.


C: By the way, program F5 sounds funny. Is it the same F5 that we pressed for grabbing a concert ticket?


Agent 404: No. Program F5 is a high agent class technology, to solve a recent problem from the past.


C: You mean back in time? Does it really exist?!


Agent 404: Right. You have to go back and get prepared before you receive the ransomware. This is the only way to fight against the ransomware.


C: How should I get prepared?


Agent 404: When you return to that point in time, you can install anti-virus software and update the system, when the other ‘you’ are away from your computer. However, the most important thing is backup. Backup is the weakness of Ransomware.


Agent 404: Follow me.


C: Where are we going?


C: Seriously? Here?


Agent 404: Right. Long long time ago, the University of Hong Kong was one of our origins. For some reason, we moved to other places. However, some important technologies are still preserved here. This is one of them.


C: Is the time tunnel real? Rumors say that if you pass the tunnel after ten o’clock, no matter who you see, you must not say hello to that person. If you did it, when the person turns around, you will find out that person looks the same as yourself.


Agent 404: The truth is the time flow inside the tunnel is different. It is possible to meet yourself of the opposite time flow. Remember, never contact  yourself. It may change  the recent you.


C: Sure. I would not contact  myself.


Agent 404: When you enter the tunnel, keep moving forward. Do not stop. You will find different points in time in the past. When you arrive at the right point, you have to complete your mission. At the end of the tunnel, you will arrive at the most important point. A crucial decision will be waiting for you. You can solve your problem after making the right decision.


C: Got it.


Agent 404: Let’s begin.


R: Take it easy. I want to make a deal with you. You have two choices. You either take the blue key, open that door and leave the room. . But you would lose all the files and documents. Or you take red key, decrypt all the files and documents, go back to your life, but leave the box.


C: I have made up my mind.


R: What?


TAT: Why can she ignore my attack? It is impossible. Theoretically, I never fail. Once those so-called high-tech companies and government departments which  didn’t do their backups open my customized ransomware, they would definitely pay me the cryptocurrency demanded. Cayla also received a special one , which could only be identified by an antivirus software as a regular assignment document. According to my record, she doesn’t even know what is backup. There must be someone behind her. An expert providing guidance. Who is that? Maybe Cayla could help me to get him.



Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts