Cyber Security Micro-film series Video Script Ep3 – Home Security

Yuen: Don’t cry. That bad person doesn’t deserve your tears and nostalgia.

Cayla: We have already been together for 5 years. Why would he suddenly break up with me?


Snowie:You will be fine. And you will definitely find a better one.


C: How? How can I find someone like him?


S: It is okay if you can’t. You still have me, right? By the way, is there anything strange about him lately?


C: In fact, he seemed a bit weird in recent days.  He always said he was tired. Brushed me off all the time. He always looked at his phone once he was free, and it seemed that he was chatting with someone else.


S: Forget about this. Look at yourself, your eyes are puffy. Let me treat you something delicious. You will recover soon.


C: Alright.


S: Didn’t you install a fiber broadband? Why is the network still so slow?


C: I don’t know. Maybe the router is too old. It is the first thing we have bought since we  moved in. It is so memorable but he is not here now.


S: Don’t cry. I will buy you a new one later.


S: She won’t be in the mood to deal with this. Just leave it for the moment.


S: Done! The food is coming.


S: How can the food be delivered so fast?


Man: Your food. Take it.


S: Hold on. It shouldn’t be that fast. Answer me. What is today’s set menu A?


Man: Set A is breakfast set.


S: What does it include?


Man: Grilled toast with ham, bacon, and two eggs.


S: How much is it?


Man: Fifty-something.


S: Do I need to pay extra for a cold drink?


Man: Of course. You have to pay extra for it. Is that your first time ordering food delivery? Do you still want it or not?


S: Alright. Just give me the food.


Man: Be cool next time, okay?


Man: The first stage is completed.


C: Is that the food?


S: Bingo. Don’t say that I don’t care about you. All of them are your favorite food.


C: Awesome.


S: My idol’s new movie has been released. I have to watch it.


C: Is this guy your idol? Wow. You have a special taste.


S: Silly you! My idol is in their twenties. This man suddenly shows up when I play the drama.


C: I think I saw this background before.


Mr.Gate: Hi, Cayla. This Mr. Gate. I am coming to solve your information security problem.


C: Shouldn’t it be Agent Zero?


Mr.Gate: Agent Zero is working on another special mission. Now, I am the one in charge.


C: You said there is an information security issue. What is it?


Mr.Gate: We are working on an experimental project for people with low levels of information security. You are our experimental subject.


C: I have already listened to Agent Zero and backed up regularly. Why my information security level is still that low?


Mr.Gate: In fact, your friend just clicked into a phishing email sent by our agent. This is the reason why I am here.


S: What? I don’t know that is a phishing email.


Mr.Gate: We deliberately made it very similar to a legitimate one, basically you can’t tell the difference. We just want to check your computer and your home network security level.


S: So, have we really been hacked?


Mr.Gate: Don’t worry, this is just a drill. We will restore your equipment later.


S: Thanks God.


Mr.Gate: First of all, we found that your computer could be easily hacked. It has not been updated for a long while and no antivirus software is being used.


C: I bought it a few years ago. I know nothing about it. My Boyfriend used to handle it, but we just broke up.


Mr.Gate:  Actually, it would  be hard to hack into your computer if antivirus software is installed. It can prevent malicious programs from running on your computer.


S: I actually recognized the software is expired. But I don’t think you are in good mood to handle it.


C: You should tell me earlier.


Mr.Gate: Besides, there seems to be some vulnerabilities in your router.


S: I agree. Her router is super slow. There should be some problems.


Mr.Gate: Usually, problems concerning the router could be a weak Wi-Fi password or without encryption. Some vulnerabilities could not be fixed if the router has been updated.


C: Wi-Fi password, encryption, software update, so many things. What should I do?


Mr.Gate: I don’t have detailed information about the router so I can’t help you now. But we have sent an Agent to help you.


S: What is wrong with the computer?


C: Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal.


Mr.Gate: Let me stop here first. If there is any information security issue, we will come to help you again.



C: Alex?


C: Are you coming back for me?


Agent 404: This is Agent 404 from I.S.A.. I am here to receive a slap in the face. No. I am here to fix your slow and unsecured home network.


C: I am sorry. Are you alright?


Agent 404: Let me check your computer first. God! We used this model twenty years ago.


S: I.S.A. used it before. Awesome!


Agent 404: I suggest you buy a new one instead.


C: I spent all my savings to buy this computer.


Agent 404: No update would be supporting this operating system anymore. Besides, your antivirus signatures have not been updated for a long time. In this case, you never know your computer is being infected with a virus or not.


C: Buy a new computer and install an antivirus software again? That costs a lot.


Agent 404: Let me take a look at your router.


Agent 404: Seriously, the password is ‘Cayla&AlexBB’?


C: It’s easy to remember.


Agent 404: Although this password  contains uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols, it is still too easy to guess. Also, it should include numbers. For the network encryption, when you are setting the password, you would be asked to choose among WPA, WPA2, etc. You should check which encryption method your network device supports and then apply the latest one.


Agent 404: Well. Similar to your ancient computer, the main problem with your router is that there is no system update support. However, I have fixed all the problems and updated for you.


C: That’s great. Agent 404, thank you so much.


Agent 404: You are welcome. Things are settled and I have to go now.


S: Let’s finish our food first.


C: What about watching your idol’s drama?


S: Just leave it. Nothing is more important than chatting with you.


C: It’s great to have you around.


S: Of course. We are besties.


C: I am full now.


S: Are you feeling better now?


C: Yep. But I wonder if you would leave me?


S: No. I am always by your side.


C: Do you want some dessert?

S: You have just finished your meal. All right. Let’s have some.


S: Do you want Mango pudding? Wait, how about a souffle? I am thirsty now. Maybe we can also have some Bubble tea


Tat: Maybe there are some clues in Cayla’s home. Once I hacked into her home network, all her internet activities would be under my surveillance. I will know who is chatting with her.


Wait. Why can’t I hack into her network? There must be some vulnerabilities in the router, I will definitely find them out.


All vulnerabilities are fixed? The system must be updated. Fine, I will then attack your firewall.


Information Security Agency? I see. Cayla must have a connection with I.S.A.. It will be fun.



Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts