Cyber Security Micro-film series Video Script Ep4 – Personal Data Privacy

Manager: Ada, join the meeting.


Manager: Take a seat.


Manager: How long have you been here?


Cayla: Three months of internship.


Manager: Right. Three months. How is your job? Everything alright?


Cayla: It’s fine. Kelvin did give me a lot of work, but I have many learning opportunities.


Manager: I told him not to do so. You are only an intern. Forget it. Recently, our boss found that another department had organised a competition and it went viral. Therefore, he wants us to hold an even better event. Any suggestions?


Cayla: They held one, we can also hold one! We can invite some couples and ask them questions about their partners. Let’s see how well they know about each other.


Manager: This won’t work. This is not enough. We have to organise a large-scaled, special and exciting one. We are the department of relationships. People think that we are all about boys and girls. We have to change the perception. They may think that we will organise couples gathering but we actually organise  gathering between human and animals. Oops,I mean pet gathering. We can find out how well people get along with their pets.


Cayla: What do you mean?


Manager: Let’s have a competition! How about asking questions about the pets and see how much the owners know about their pets?


Cayla: That’s a great idea. Manager. You are a genius.


Manager: How about letting you organise the event?


Cayla: I’m afraid that’s not a good idea. I am only an intern.


Manager: Don’t worry. I want you to handle this project because I trust you.


Cayla: But how can we find the participants?


Manager: Make a form first. Then put it on a poster and share the poster on the internet . People would be  interested in joining. By the way, applicants should leave their name, gender, age, student number, address and status. I bet you know what I mean?

Besides, the COVID-19 pandemic is getting serious, the participants should also leave their medical history. I don’t want my reputation to be ruined by infectious patients.


Cayla: Maybe it’s not proper to collect too much personal information.


Manager: Just do it. If you couldn’t get enough information, how can I explain it to the boss? We used to work like this. Just do what I’ve said.


Manager: It is so late now. I have to go and meet my dudes. You are in charge of this project and I am looking forward to hearing the good results.


Manager: Hey. Wake up.


Cayla: Yes. Manager.


Manager: How is your project now?


Cayla: According to your instructions, I made an online form, put it on a poster featured with animal communicators to and share the poster on the internet. Around a hundred people signed up in half a day. People love the event.


Manager: Of course. My idea is great.


Cayla: Here’s the list of the participants


Manager: Good job. You’re so competent. How about…


Manager: How about helping me to finish this document as well?


Manager: It is super easy. Just input the data of that box of files into the document and then make a conclusion. No need to rush. Give me the document before leaving the office.


Cayla: Jesus. So much paperwork to be finished today. Be careful and don’t make any mistakes.


Cayla: An email from ISA? Is it real?


Cayla: I have an idea to make our department more famous.


Manager: What is it?


Cayla: Have you heard about speed dating?


Manager: What’s so special? I always join.


Cayla: How about speed dating for pets? It must be eye-catching.


Manager: Good idea. Pets can communicate with each other and I can  communicate with the owners. Sounds good. Go ahead.


Cayla: Sure. We still have the list of the participants from the last competition.

We can send emails to invite them.


Manager: Of course.


Cayla: How about inviting them with your name? This can show your sincerity and  power.

Manager: Alright. You’re in charge of it.


Manager: Do you have any disinfecting wet wipes? There is no water from the tap so I can’t wash my hands.


Cayla: Sorry. I don’t.


Manager: Never mind.


Manager: Stella?


Cayla: This is Cayla. Manager.


Manager: The two recent projects are successful. We have attracted the greatest attention ever. Especially the speed dating, I think both the participants and I gained a lot from it.


Cayla: Yes you’re an excellent leader!


Manager: Alright. Our internship program has nearly come to the end. We hope that you are well benefited from it. I appreciate your hard work.


Cayla: Thanks. Manager.


Agent 404: Sorry for disturbing you. No more meeting now. We have something else to do.


Manager: What is it? I have mentioned many times that I don’t want anyone to disturb my meeting.


Agent 404: This is agent 404 and 9527. We are agents from ISA. Mr. Chou, you have to come along with us.


Manager: Why should I listen to you?


Agent 404: You’re suspected of infringing personal privacy and using personal data in direct marketing.


Manager: Anything could have happened between me and the girls. Nothing special.


Agent 404: Okay. You admitted that you have invaded the privacy of those girls. Agent 9527, record what he has said.


Agent 9527: Sure.


Agent 404: The reason why we are coming is that you used the collected personal data from the previous competition to send out invitations for your speed dating.


Manager: Well. You got the wrong person. I’m not responsible for this accusation. You should get her. She is the one in charge.


Agent 404: No need to deny it. Here is the email you sent to the participants, your name is clearly written on it.


Manager: What?


Mr Gate: Hi, Cayla. This is Mr. Gate. I am coming to solve your information security problems.


Cayla: Hi, Mr. Gate. We meet again.


Mr. Gate: We heard that your company had collected excessive personal data during the competition registration process.


Cayla: I didn’t want this to happen. I tried to stop my manager from doing so but he insisted.


Mr. Gate: It is not his first time. In fact, we have several records of him violating the data protection principles.


Cayla: What are the data protection principles?


Mr. Gate: The six data protection principles are used to ensure data users use collected data transparently and fairly.


Mr Gate: According to the principle one, data collected should be necessary but not excessive. Address, status and medical history are not necessary for the competition. They shouldn’t be collected.


Cayla: I feel the same way. Those data shouldn’t be collected.


Mr. Gate: Principle two. The personal data should be accurate and must not be kept longer than is necessary.


Mr. Gate: Principle three. If the personal data is used for other purposes, explicit consent should be obtained from the data subject.


Mr. Gate: Principle four and five is to ensure the collected personal data is safeguarded and to make the personal data policies and practices known to public respectively.


Mr. Gate: Last one, principle six. The participants must be given the right to access their personal data and to make corrections if the data is inaccurate.


Cayla: Wow. That’s a lot. You should prosecute him right now.


Mr. Gate: We hope so. But he is smart. He never gets his hands dirty. This time, we need your help to trap him.


Cayla: Of course. What can I do?


Mr. Gate: Hold an event. Get his consent to let you send emails to the participants by using his name. Also, make sure to specify the name of the recipient as the receiver. Then, we can sue him for direct marketing without consent from the data subject, based on principle three.


Cayla: No problem. I’ll let him fall into the trap.


Manager: You bastard. You two are a team. You don’t have to come back tomorrow.


Agent 404: Agent 9527. Take him away.


Agent 9527: Yes sir.


Manager: Don’t touch me. I want to call my lawyer.


Agent 404: Good job. Cayla.


Cayla: He should be punished earlier. But now, I lost both my job and boyfriend.


Agent 404: It’s good to be free. Our boss appreciates your execution. If you are interested in changing your life, we can offer you a chance to be our agent.


Cayla: Being an agent?


Agent 404: Interested?


Cayla: Definitely.


Agent 404: Contact us when you are ready.


Cayla: Sure.


Tat: Many people are willing to pay a lot for this USB. Should I sell it or not?

Even there are only name, birthday and address inside, the value of the data is much more than the personal information itself. If I utilize the information and pretend ones’ friends and relatives, I am sure the victims would definitely give me money and listen to me.


Tat: In fact, I’m not interested in those personal data. However, I would rather make good use of them instead of selling them to someone who cannot appreciate their value.


Tat: But before that, the Information Security Agency, let’s have fun.


Tat: I want to play a game with the Information Security Agency. Bring me their information.




Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts