Cyber Security Micro-film series Video Script Ep5 – Mobile Security

Cayla: Hi. Are you…


Security: One more. Why always give me so many works to do?


Cayla: Pardon?


Security: That way. That elevator.


Cayla: Okay, thanks.


Mr Gate: One hour, nineteen minutes and thirty seconds. Half an hour earlier than my expectation. You do have potential.


Cayla: Wait. Why am I here? I was inside the elevator and someone followed me.


Mr Gate: Sorry about that. We were testing your brain activity.


Cayla: Hold on. Where am I now?


Mr Gate: Welcome to ISA. We are an organisation that staying out of the social institution. We use  advanced technologies that are twenty years ahead of the world, to manage and maintain the information security of the society. We also help the victims to solve their information security issues.


Cayla: I am an agent now!


Mr Gate: Not yet.


Cayla: How can I become an agent? I’m ready.


Mr Gate: You have to be reviewed and assessed strictly. So it would depend on your performance. Of course, we won’t tell you the content of the assessment.


Mr Gate: Being a part of I.S.A. means that you are beyond the social institution, and you will not be constricted by it. The mobile phone is our only weapon. Now, I need to upgrade the information security level of your phone.


Mr Gate: First of all, we will install the exclusive ISA VPN.

No one can read your  message sent.


Mr Gate: Second, all non-I.S.A. applications will be prohibited from assessing the GPS location and other mobile data to prevent location data breach.


Mr Gate: Besides, I will use I.S.A. technology to install a facial and iris recognition system into your phone.


Cayla: Biometrics? My mobile phone is too old for this.


Mr Gate: We developed a deep learning system model. It supports using normal lens to perform the recognition.


Cayla: That’s awesome.


Mr Gate: The final step is to set up  remote wipe to prevent  disclosure of secret information in case you lose your phone.


Mr Gate: Now you can take back your phone.


Cayla: I never imagine that my phone can be that cool.


Mr Gate: Actually, phones nowadays have those functions, just not as advanced as ours.

Moreover, as a part of I.S.A., you will have unlimited data. Therefore, you don’t need Wi-Fi anymore.

Alright, now I confirm you are agent assistant 501. Let’s safeguard the information security of the world.


Cayla: Got it. I’ll try my best.


Mr Gate: You may leave now.


Agent 404: 501


Agent 404: 501


Agent 404: You’ve got your first mission. Come with me.


Cayla: Mission? Great.


Agent 404: Here we are.


Cayla: My mission is staring at the fish?


Agent 404: Not this way. That girl is our target.


Student: Come on, what’s wrong with my phone. I sold my kidney  to get this phone! It shouldn’t be like this.


Agent 404: Hi, Melody, I am agent 404. She is Agent Assistant 501. We come to help you dealing with the Information Security Issue. Here’s our business card.


Student: Information Security Agent?


Agent 404: Right. Give me your phone.


Agent 404: Take her phone and connect it with your phone. Then delete the virus and related message. You will know what to do after establishing the connection.


Cayla: Okay.


Student: Wait. Are you guys coming for the debt? Why did you take away my phone?


Agent 404: We detected that you had received a spam message. It claims that there is a free application which can help you finish your assignments.


Student: Yes, I received that message. I don’t want to fail my course. Maybe it can really help me and it is free of charge. Therefore, I clicked  the link and my phone ended up hanged.


Agent 404: Well. Many people would not be cautious about free apps. In fact, they could be dangerous since they could steal your personal information, pictures, contacts, or even encrypt your phone.


Cayla: There is a ransomware!


Agent 404: You’ve also got this before.


Agent 404: You are lucky this time. You only got a virus and there is no data leakage. In this case, it is easy to handle.


Cayla: Done. You can try it.


Agent 404: Alright. Take a look at your phone. It has been reset. The virus and related message have been deleted. It should be fine.


Student: Great.


Cayla: The most important thing is to back up. Only back up can totally beat the virus.


Agent 404: Right. Your phone is fine now. Our mission is completed. We have to go.




Agent 5: I found that you always come here, what you are looking for?


Agent 404: The sea. It makes me feel calm. What brings you here, agent 5?


Agent 5:  To give you a mission. The high agents found something weird about the recent information security issues. We investigated the phishing emails of the victims and found that all of them came from the same overseas personal mail server. It is owned by a man, named TAT. But we can’t find any information about this man.


Agent 404: TAT? It sounds weird.


Agent 5: Moreover, we interrogated the person who invaded personal privacy. He said he was taught by a netizen, called TAT. He was told to collect the data and save it on a USB. Then, he needs to put the USB in a locker. However, he said he never saw TAT.


Agent 404: TAT again? Seems these two cases are related.


Agent 5: You are the most capable agent. I’ve decided to pass this case to the agent that I trust most. That’s you.


Agent 404: I’ll get him.


Cayla: My phone is out of battery. How can agent 404 find me?


Girl: I can borrow you my portable charger.


Cayla: You just save my life! Thank you!


Girl: No problem.


Agent 404: What are you doing?


Cayla: I am charging my phone as it was out of battery.


Agent 404: Where does it come from?


Cayla: A girl gave me. Where is she?


Agent 404: You should never connect your phone with other devices without checking especially your agent phone. This is not a normal charger. She just got all the information on your phone and sent it out.


Cayla: What? I don’t know it could be that dangerous.


Agent 404: Yes, Agent zero. Yes. Okay.


Cayla: What?


Agent 404: Agent Zero has ordered to erase your phone remotely.


Cayla: Please give me one more chance.


Agent 404: It’s too late. Agent Zero told me that you are not capable of being an agent anymore. Agent Assistant 501. From now on, you are no longer the agent of ISA.



TAT: I hacked Cayla’s phone for contacts, message contents and photos for blackmail. However, her phone seems more valuable than I expected. I can also find the data of ISA .


The game starts now.


Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts