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Procedure to configure Other Systems to access "HKU" WiFi

A. Pre-requisite
B. Configuration Procedure (To be done once)
C. Security Note

A. Pre-requisite

To access "HKU" WiFi, you must:

  • Ensure that Wi-Fi LAN Card is WPA-compliance.
  • Update the latest WLAN driver from vendor.
  • For HKU Portal account created before 5 June 2009, register to enable eduroam access by login HKU Portal > Campus Information Services > Central IT Services > Register to use WiFi service.
  • For HKU Portal account created on or after 5 June 2009, no registration is required.

B. Configuration Procedure (To be done once only)

For other non-Windows or non-Macintosh based (e.g. Linux) mobile devices. The following table suggests the configuration settings for the accessing the "HKU" WiFi service:

"HKU" WiFi Service Settings Setting Values


HKU (note: case-sensitive)



Data Encryption


EAP Type


Trusted Root Certification Authorities

GeoTrust Global CA.

Server Certificate

C. Security Note

Since HKU Portal UID and PIN are employed to login at "HKU" WiFi, as a better password security measure, you would be asked to change your HKU Portal PIN if you have not changed it for six months.