How to access WiFi on HKU Campus and elsewhere?

Staff and students can enjoy free WiFi service on HKU campus using “HKU” WiFi. For setup procedures, refer to Accessing “HKU” WiFi.

For free WiFi outside HKU campus, refer to the details as below.


eduroam stands for Education Roaming. It is a location independent wireless network and RADIUS-based infrastructure that uses 802.1X security technology to allow mobility between participants’ wireless infrastructure with seamless user authentication and the enforcement of local security policy.

It allows our staff and students to log on the Wireless LAN at another institution, who is also an eduroam participant, using the same credentials (username and password) which the user would use at the home institution.

For details, see eduroam WiFi connection procedures

"Universities via Y5ZONE" provided by Y5ZONE

The HKU Information Technology Services, in collaboration with Y5ZONE, is pleased to provide free WiFi service to HKU staff and students at Y5ZONE WiFi hotspots throughout Hong Kong. HKU students and staff can now enjoy free WiFi service with any WiFi enabled notebook computers or handheld devices at Y5ZONE WiFi hotspots. In return, Y5ZONE WiFi customers will also enjoy free WiFi service at the University of Hong Kong.

For details, see Y5zone WiFi connection procedures.

"Universities via CSL" provided by CSL

The HKU Information Technology Services, in collaboration with CSL, is pleased to provide free WiFi access to HKU staff and students at close to 20,000 CSL WiFi hotspots throughout Hong Kong, including entertainment and leisure stores, coffee shops, fast food chains, the airpot, restaurants and shopping malls in Hong Kong.

For details, see CSL WiFi connection procedure.

The above WiFi services are available to current HKU staff and students only.



Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts