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Assignment types in Moodle

There are 2 types of assignment:

  1. File upload
    A student can upload file(s), such as Word document, spreadsheet or anything digital. After learners upload their files in this arrangement, the instructor will be able to open the submission and then use the Moodle interface to assign a grade and offer comments as feedback.

  2. Online Text
    This assignment type asks users to compose and edit text, using the normal editing tools. The online text assignment can be set up to allow learners to compose, revise and edit over time or such that the learner only has one opportunity to enter his or her response.

Add an assignment


  1. Go to the course which you want to edit and click “Turn editing on” to enable the editing mode if you have not done so.
  2. Go to the topic where you want to create the assignment. Click “Add an activity or resource” and select “Assignment”.

    3. Fill in the General information about the assignment including Assignment Name, Description, Availability whether to allow late submission.

    4. Fill in other information about the assignment includes the following (Optional).

    Submission types & settings

    1. By default, “File submissions” is selected for the submission types. If you allow students to type text for their submission,  check the box for “Online text”.

    2. You can also set the maximum number and size of the uploaded file.

    3. In Group submission settings, you may set whether students submit in groups or not.


    1. You can set notifications to graders about students’ submissions & late submissions.

    2. Select Yes/No to send out notification to students when the assignment was graded.


    The grade for the assignment is specified here. Choosing a number will become the maximum grade for this assignment.

    Common module settings

    1. Choose whether to Show or Hide the assignment.

    2. Group mode can be one of three levels: “No groups”, “Separate groups” or “Visible groups”.

    5. After you complete filling all those information, you can click the “Save and Return to course” / “Save and display” to create the assignment.