How to upload a file to using CoreFTP?

The Secure File Transfer Protocol is a network protocol that provides secure file access, file transfer, and file management functionality. Please refer to the following procedures on the use of CoreFTP.

a) Set up a secure file transfer connection

  1. Start Core FTP (download it from (Core FTP LE 2.2 : free version))
  2. Click the Site Manager window, click New Site button.  In the Site Name field, type
  3. Type in the Host/IP/URL field.
  4. Type in your account name (HKU Portal UID) in the Username field (you must have an account on the web host server).
  5. Type in your account password (HKU Portal PIN) in the Password field. Uncheck Don’t save password box.
  6. sftp coreftp personal 01
  7. In the Connection drop-down menu, select SFTP/SSH.
  8. sftp coreftp personal 02
  9. Click the Advanced button.
  10. Select Transfers
  11. sftp coreftp personal 03
  12. Check Do not use MDTM for date/time. Click OK.
  13. In the Site Manager window, click the Connect button.
  14. You will see the following pop-up window. This is a feature of the SSH protocol. It is designed to protect you against a network attack known as “spoofing” which will secretly redirect your connection to a different computer for stealing your password. Click Yes to continue.
  15. sftp coreftp personal 04
  16. In the Core FTP window, the local system (your PC) appears on the left window and the remote system appears on the right window.
  17. sftp coreftp personal 05

b) Upload a file from PC to the server

  1. To upload a file from PC to the server, choose your destination directory on the right window. For example, for personal web site on the server, the directory name should be public_html.
  2. sftp coreftp personal 06
  3. Select the file you wish do upload in the left window.
  4. sftp coreftp personal 07
  5. Click the button sftp coreftp 08  in the left window to transfer the file to your web server’s directory. You will see a “transfer complete” message when Core FTP has finished moving the files.
  6. sftp coreftp personal 08

c) Download a file from the server to PC

  1. To download a file from the server to PC, search for the file you wish do download in the right window.
  2. Choose your destination directory on the right window e.g. Desktop.
  3. Select the files on the server using the mouse button.
  4. Click the button sftp coreftp 10 in the right window to transfer the file to your PC. You will see a “transfer complete” message when Core FTP has finished moving the files.

d) Change the file permission

For added security, files uploaded to are owner readable and writable (600) only. This means only the owner can read it, make changes to it or delete it. This is to avoid making the files accessible by anyone without the owner’s knowledge if the file permission is marked world readable or searcheable.

  1. Change to the file folder hosting the web pages e.g. ‘public_html’.
  2. Highlight the file you wish to change its permission.
  3. Right click and select Properties.
  4. sftp coreftp personal 09
  5. In the File Properties Window, there are three groups.If you wish to make your folders accessible to anyone, tick the check boxes Read and Execute under the World group.

    sftp coreftp personal 10

    If you wish to make your files accessible to anyone, tick the check box Read under the World group.
  6. sftp coreftp personal 11

  7. Click OK.  CoreFTP program will update the file permissions on the server.

e) Exit CoreFTP

  1. To end your session, click the menu File => Disconnect and click Yes.
  2. sftp coreftp personal 12

    sftp coreftp personal 13

  3. To exit Core FTP, click the Exit button at the top right of the Core FTP Lite window. Then click OK.
  4. sftp coreftp personal 14


Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts