SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) with FileZilla on Mac OS X

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) with FileZilla on Mac OS X

The Secure File Transfer Protocol is a network protocol that provides secure file access, file transfer, and file management functionality. The following procedure is for using SFTP connection with FileZilla on Mac OS X.

A. Set up a secure file transfer connection

  1. Start FileZilla (free download from http://filezilla-project.org/download.php (Intel version)).
  2. Click File -> Site Manager.
  3. sftp mac 01
  4. In the Site Manager window, click New Site button.
  5. sftp mac 02
  6. Enter the remote system you intend to connect in the Host field. The remote host server names are tabulated below:
    Remote Server Purpose
    web.hku.hk personal websites
    hpc2015-file.hku.hk high performance computing cluster
    htcfile.hku.hk high throughput computing service
    For example, if your personal website is http://web.hku.hk/~yourUID, enter web.hku.hk in the Host field.  If your departmental website is http://www.hku.hk/yourUID, enter www.hku.hk in the Host field.
  7. In Port field, type 22.
  8. Under the Server Type drop-down menu, select SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol.
  9. sftp mac 03
  10. Under Logon Type field, select Normal.
  11. Type your account name (HKU Portal UID) in the User field (you must have an account on the web host server).
  12. Type your account password (HKU Portal PIN) in the Password field.
  13. In Site Manager window, click the Connect button.
  14. sftp mac 04
  15. You will see the following pop-up window. This is a feature of SSH protocol. It is designed to protect you against a network attack known as “spoofing” – secretly redirecting your connection to a different computer for getting your password. Click OK to continue.
  16. sftp mac 05
  17. In the FileZilla window, the local system (your PC) appears on the left window and the remote system appears on the right window.
  18. sftp mac 06
  19. To upload a file, drag the file from the the left window to the right window.
  20. To download a file, drag the file from the right windows to the left window.

B. Exit FileZilla

  1. To end your session, click the menu FileZilla at the top menu => Quit FileZilla.



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February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

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May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts