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OU wiki is a collaborative tool. Students can use OU wiki to build a page with a specific topic together. The OU wiki has a variety of options.

Create an OU wiki on Moodle

  1. Click “Turn editing on” button on the course site.

  2. Click “Add an activity or resource”.

  3. Select “OU wiki” by clicking the radio button, click “Add”.

Edit settings

  1.  Enter the name and description of the OU wiki.


  2. Select the sub-wiki type:
    1. Single wiki for course: This wiki behaves as one single wiki. Everybody on the course sees the same pages.

    2. One wiki per group: Students can only see pages created by people in the same group. If you are in more than one group, or you have permissions that allow you to view all groups, you get a dropdown to choose a group.

    3. Separate wiki for every user: Students can only see their own wiki.



  3.  By enable “Annotation system”, teachers can add comments to the wiki page.


  4. Click “Save and display” to save the changes.

Create page

  1.  Click “Create page” to add a new wiki page.

  2. Add the page content.

  3.  Click “Save changes”.

Add new section to existing page/ create new page

  1. Enter the section name/ new page name in the box provided, click “Add”/ “Create”.

View history/ Compare the difference between versions

  1.  Go to “History” tab.

  2. You can compare the differences between versions by checking the boxes next to two versions, click “Compare selected”.

  3. Teachers can also view the table of participation by user and give grade to students. Click “Participation by user” on the top right hand corner.   


Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts