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Frequently Asked Questions - HKU Connect Mail for Graduates

  1. What is HKU Connect Email Service for Graduates?
  2. What is the email address, email alias, user name and password of my HKU Connect Graduate Email Account?
  3. How to Check the Disk Usage of My HKU Connect Email Account?
  4. How to change the PIN for HKU Connect email service?
  5. How to enable IMAP for HKU Connect email?
  6. How to enable POP for HKU Connect email?
  7. How to Change the Language in Calendar, Contacts and Drive in Google?
  8. What is the maximum size for each email message?
  9. What is the maximum number of recipients per message?
  10. What is the maximum send limit to internal and external recipients per day?
  11. How to organize the email into different category?
  12. Is there any email priority setting for the HKU Connect Email service?
  13. How to enable undo send email?
  14. Is read receipt available for HKU Connect Email service?
  15. Is there any SPAM and virus filtering?
  16. How to send email using email alias in HKU Connect?
  17. How to change the email sender's name in HKU Connect?
  18. How to setup email forwarding in HKU Connect?
  19. How to setup vacation auto reply in HKU Connect?
  20. I am a graduate. How can I change my email password?
  21. After I login HKU Connect via webmail, why it shows my Gmail account instead of HKU Connect account?
  22. How do I block senders of unwanted mails by sender address?
  23. If I graduated before 2000 and wish to apply for a graduate email account, what can I do?
  24. Can I recover deleted email under my HKU Connect account?
  25. How to remove profile photo of HKU Connect email account?
  26. After I login HKU Connect via webmail, why does it show HKU Portal login page?
  27. The following alert appears when I am using Gmail App on my mobile devices. What should I do?