Result and Report – Qualtrics

Result and Report - Qualtrics

Create/Copy Report

Clicking the Default Report dropdown lets you search through and select from your various Results-Reports. From here you can also copy or create new reports. Create as many as you need.

The Create New Report and Copy Report commands act differently:

  1. Create New Report: Generate a fresh default report.
  2. Copy Report: Make a duplicate copy of the active report, which is identified by a check mark. This can be the Default Report or one you have modified and renamed, such as My New Report.

    create report

Adding Filters

Filtering will screen out the data you don’t need, leaving only the data you want to focus on in your Results-Reports and visualizations.

Filters are set by conditional statements, which are created by:

  1. Picking your Filter Criteria: Choose between Survey Metadata, Contact Fields, Embedded Data, or question answers as your criteria. You can find descriptions for each below.
  2. Picking an Operator: Apply a logic operator to launch your decision logic (is / is notequal to /not equal to, and / orand more).
  3. Picking your Operand (value): Apply numeric values or character strings to your conditional statements.

    add filter

Exporting Report

To share a digital copy of your report, use the Export Report option to generate a PDF, Word, PowerPoint, or CSV file.

exporting report

Editing Report Settings

When you click the Report Settings dropdown, the Report Settings window will appear.

editing report 01

In the Report Settings window, you can change options that apply to your entire report, as seen below.

editing report 02



Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts