What is the functionality difference between MS Teams and Zoom?

What is the functionality difference between MS Teams and Zoom?

 Microsoft TeamsZoom
Maximum no. of participants in a meeting300300
Limit in meeting durationNoNo
Change of display name

Staff: display name is synchronized with the sender name of HKU email account

Students: display name is student’s full name registered under SIS

Users can add their preferred name under their Zoom accounts or enter any name if they join a meeting without login
Change/add profile picture

Staff: cannot change because staff members are using on-premise Exchange and the version does not support this feature

Students: can change the profile picture by clicking on it and selecting “Change Picture”

Yes, users can add a profile picture of their own
Lock a meeting (disallow people from entering into a meeting after a meeting is locked)No, only meeting lobby is available to control people from entering into a meetingYes
Maximum no. of participants to display on screen9 participants25 participants and up to 49 participants (subject to the resolution of the display)
Meeting ID and passwordNoYes
Private chatYes, if the participant belongs to the same organizationYes, participant can choose anyone to chat with privately unless this option is disabled by the host
RecordingCloud recording and saved on MS StreamCloud recording or local recording
Recording rightAnyone within the same organization in Teams (note: staff and students are belonging to 2 different organizations under MS Teams)By default only the meeting host can record and the host can assign the recording right to other participants
Screen sharing using iOS/Android devicesCan share using iOS and Android devices (click here for details)Can share using iOS and Android devices
Virtual background

Yes, it refers to “background effects”.  Blur background is also available.

Use of customized picture is also supported

Yes and users can use their own pictures to create a virtual background.
PollingNo, recommend to create polling using MS Forms and share the link to participants on MS TeamsYes
Attendance reportYes, click here for the stepsYes
Breakout roomNoYes
Raise hand & request to unmuteYesYes
Annotate on shared screenNoYes
Confine participants by email domainNoYes


Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts