eNotices System


The eNotices System is the primary communication channel provided by ITS for departments to disseminate notices and announcements to University staff and students.

There are three types of notices under the eNotices System, namely “Urgent Notices”, “Administrative and Services Notices” and “General Notices” serving notices of different nature. "Urgent Notices" is for issuance by senior management of the University through which notices can reach University staff and/or students promptly; “Administrative and Services Notices” are notices posted by administrative offices and service departments e.g. about service operation and suspension; and “General Notice” are notices posted by any University department.

eNotices System is a self-service system through which departments can submit and approve notices on their own. All notices submitted through the eNotices System and approved by departments will be viewable under MyPage tab of HKU Portal within an hour. A daily email digest consolidating all notices from departments will be sent to all staff and students through which they can read the list of notices at a glance and read those of interest in full by visiting the links provided in the email digest.

Departments can nominate submitter(s) and approver(s) for using the eNotices System by submitting CF25.

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