Wireless access to the campus network and Internet is provided by over 6,000 WiFi access points and is available in all centrally-administered classrooms, public areas in the main campus, department offices and halls of student residence.  Apart from the University's WiFi network "HKU", staff and students can also enjoy WiFi access off-campus at CSL and Y5Zone WiFi hotspots in town, and at other local and overseas universities using "eduroam".

For visitors from other universities in HK and overseas institutions participating in the consortium "eduroam", they can use the WiFi network "eduroam" within HKU campus. Other visitors and guests staying in student residential halls can use "Wi-Fi.HK via HKU" that requires no prior configuration. "WiFi.HK via HKU" is for use by guests and is for quick and immediate network access in an unsecured mode within limited bandwidth.  

For locations of HKU WiFi connection points, please click here.

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