ICT Support for Teaching and Learning in case of Pandemic Outbreak

Dissemination of University Notices

ITS will assist to distribute university notices in a timely manner through the  eNotices System.

Increase of Computer Resources

ITS will keep close monitoring on the usage trend of the campus network, HKUVPNSISMoodlePanoptoHCM and other mission critical systems and will respond immediately to introduce any possible facility enhancement whenever a need arises. These could include increasing the email quota and disk quota of Moodle for staff and students to facilitate their teaching and learning online.

Teachers are recommended to use the central Learning Management System, Moodle, to continue teaching when there is class suspension. They can refer to the Moodle web site for more details about the support arrangement in case of pandemic outbreak.

Support for Video-conferencing

Staff and students can use Zoom for video-conferencing, online teaching and meetings.

Online Materials on the Basic Use of ICT for Teaching and Learning

Staff and students can refer to the following quick start guides on using Moodle, Panopto and Zoom:

Moodle Video Tutorials

Panopto Video Tutorials

User Guide on Zoom

Email for Communications with Students

Teachers can make use of the following 2 communication channels to communicate with their students in case there is class suspension and changes in class schedules/arrangement:
  1. Under SIS, teachers by default can access the class lists under “Faculty Center” if the teacher information has been recorded under the Syllabus Plus system managed by Examination Unit.  They can use the system built-in function to communicate with students, e.g. class notices.The steps are as follows:
    1. Below is a sample screen of “Faculty Center”. Click the icon “Class Roster”.
    2. faculty center
    3. The following will be displayed after clicking “Class Roster”. To send email to all students in the class, click “Notify Listed Students”.
    4. notify list for student
    5. Input the email content and click “Send Notification” to send the email.
    6. send notification
  2. For teachers would like to download the email addresses of their students for communication purpose, they can use another function under SIS (Access path: SIS Quick Menu > Provisional Class List).  To use of this function, please submit CF125c “System Access Request Form for Student Information System (SIS) In-house Applications” by selecting the option “Student Enrollment”.

Class Discussions

  1. Through the Moodle platform, teachers can make class announcements in news forum, create discussion topics in discussion forum, send emails to students using Moodle quick mail.
  1. For mailing list service please refer to here.


Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts