Mailing List Service

Auto-updated Mailing List (AML)

What is Auto-updated Mailing List (AML)?

An AML is a mailing list that will deliver emails to the University mail boxes of all applicable members of the sender department.  The list of email recipients covered by an AML is auto-updated daily in synchronism with the central student/staff records of the University.  Six types of AML, each with a prescribed “listName”, as listed below are supported –

  • PDF (note 1) 
  • RPG (note 2) 
  • TPG (note 3,4) 
  • UG (note 4)

(Notes: 1: PDF=Post-Doctoral Fellows; 2: RPG=Research Postgraduates; 3: TPG=Taught Postgraduates; 4: The list of UG and TPG is at faculty level only. Department can use this faculty level list through subscription under the Faculty.)

AML is a moderated list which means only authorized staff members can use the mailing lists.  Authorized senders of a faculty/department can use the mailing list in the format of NOTICE-<departmentAbbreviation>-<listName> to send notices to their staff/students through any email client.   

Examples  > all PDFs under Department of Mechanical Engineering will receive email sent to this mailing list > all UGs under the Faculty of Engineering will receive email sent to this mailing list (departments under the Faculty of Engineering can use this faculty level list through subscription under the Faculty)


  • To facilitate departments in having auto-updated mailing lists for internal communication with their staff/students. 
  • To reduce the manual effort of departments in maintaining the mailing lists. 

Guidelines on Usage

  • AML is supported solely for the purposes of the University, and works only for intra-departmental communication with the staff members and students of a department. 
  • Departments have to observe and comply with Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance (“the UEMO”) and the AML must not be used for sending emails bearing commercial/promotion purposes.  
  • Departments are accountable for the appropriate use of the AML.
  • Delisting or adding any recipient(s) included in an AML is not possible.
  • Faculties/departments are fully responsible for the proper conduct of their authorized sender(s) in the use of AML.
  • Director of ITS reserves the right to disable any AML(s) upon reports of usage abuses, university regulation/rule violations, or law violations.

How to apply?

Departmental Mailing List

Departments can register for using the Departmental Mailing List, also powered by Mailman, via CF48 -Application for Departmental Mailing List.  This mailing list provides a tool for departments to customize the mailing lists based on their specific needs, e.g. password setting, moderation setting and membership management.  



Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts