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Procedure to Access Staff Email (HKUCC1) via Mail App on Mac OS X 10.10 or above


  1. Open "System Preference" and choose "Internet Accounts".

    Internet Accounts

  2. Select "Exchange" to perform the setup.

    Select Exchange

  3. Enter your name, HKU email address and HKU Portal PIN. Then click "Continue".

    Email and Password

  4. Under Account Settings, enter the following information:


    HKU Portal UID


    HKU Portal PIN

    Server Address

    Note: You may give the account a preferred name in the "Description" field.

    Account Settings

  5. After connecting to the server, the account summary will be shown, click "Continue" to proceed.

    Account Summary

  6. Select the apps according to your preference or use the default setting. Click "Done" to finish the setup.

    Select items to sync