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Why Microsoft Outlook fails to connect my mailbox after migrating to Exchange 2013?

Some anti-virus software with firewall enabled may intercept the Outlook traffic and even block the traffic. Below is the procedure to add exception for Outlook in Kaspersky Endpoint Security for reference.
  1. Open Kaspersky Endpoint Security and choice ‘Settings’.
    Open Kaspersky
  2. Select ‘Anti-Virus protection’ and click ‘setting’ at the Exclusions and trusted applications.
    select anti-virus
  3. At the Trusted Applications, click ‘Add’.
    Trusted Applications
  4. Type ‘outlook’ at the select application from the list.
  5. Select ‘Do not scan network traffic’.
    Do not scan network traffic
  6. Click any remote ports and type 443. Click OK.
    remote port 443
  7. Click 'Save' to save the setting.
    save settings