How to enable spell check function in webmail interface (OWA)?

There is no spell check function in Microsoft Exchange webmail interface (OWA). You can use the spell checker of your browser.  Procedure on enabling spell checker of different browsers is described below.

Spell checker for Chrome:

  1. Click spell-check 01 button.
  2. Click Settings.

    spell-check 02

  3. Click Show advanced settings….

    spell-check 03

  4. Choose Language and input settings….

    spell-check 04

  5. Choose your preferred language and check Use this language for spell checking. Click Done to complete the setup.

    spell-check 05

Spell checker for Microsoft Edge:

  1. In Edge, click Settings and More (three-dotted) button from the top-right corner, and click the Settings option.

    spell-check 06

  2. Choose on Languages. Under the “Check spelling” section, turn on the toggle switch for the languages that you want MS Edge to check spelling when you are typing.

    spell-check 07



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