Procedure to access HKU Email via Android mobile device IMAP account

This section describes the configuration procedure to access HKU Email via Android mobile device IMAP account.

  1. Open email app on Android device.

    graduate_email 01 android
  1. Go to “Settings” > “ADD ACCOUNT”.

    graduate_email 02 android
  1. Input your email address and password. For Graduates, the email address is

    garduate_email 03 android
  1. Select IMAP.

    graduate_email 04 android
  1. Account Setup (Incoming)
    1. Username/Password: UID/password
    2. IMAP server:
      Enter for your Graduate mail account
    3. Port: 143
    4. Security type:
      Graduate mail account: STARTTLS (accept all certificates)
    5. IMAP path prefix: Leave it blank
    6. Press Next button

    graduate_email 05 android

  1. Account Setup (Outgoing)For outgoing Mail Server, graduates should refer to network operator settings instead.
  1. Configure Inbox settings according to your needs. Click Next.

    graduate_email 06 android
  1. Configure account name and display name. Click “Next” to finish.

    graduate_email 07 android

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