Procedure to Access Staff Email (HKUCC1) via Thunderbird Using POP3 (for Roaming Users)

Procedure to Access Staff Email (HKUCC1) via Thunderbird Using POP (for Roaming Users)

This section describes the configuration procedure to access HKU email via Thunderbird for roaming users.

Note: The following setup applies for those roaming users who have to send email using Internet Service Provider (ISP) network and is applicable only if their ISP does not block the outgoing SMTP port (TCP 587).

  1. Launch Thunderbird.
    1. The Welcome to Thunderbird window showing the message “Would you like a new email address?” is shown. Click Skip this and user my existing email button to continue.
    2. thunderbird roaming 01
    3. If the Welcome to Thunderbird window is not shown, press Alt key to show the menu.  Click File > New > Existing Mail Account….
    4. thunderbird roaming 02
    5. In the Your Name field, enter the name you want it to appear in the From field of your email messages. In the Email address field, enter your HKU email address. Enter HKU Portal PIN in the password field and click Continue. (Optional: Uncheck Remember password if you don’t want Thunderbird to remember your password.)
    6. thunderbird roaming 03
    7. Click Manual config or wait for a few seconds for switching to the manual config page automatically.
    8. thunderbird roaming 04
    9. The Server Information dialog box appears. Enter the following:
      1. Select the type of incoming server you are using: select IMAP from the pull down menu. (If you select POP3 mode, all your emails will be downloaded from the email server to your local folders in Thunderbird and you can no longer access your emails via HKU Portal or It is difficult to revert your emails back to the email server.)
      2. Incoming Server:
        • Enter for your HKUCC1 staff email account
      3. Outgoing Server:
      4. Click Re-test to auto detect the server port, SSL and authentication settings.
    10. thunderbird roaming 05
    11. The port, SSL and authentication settings are detected as shown below.Please change the Authentication of Incoming to Normal password if it is not the detected value. Click Done to continue.
    12. thunderbird roaming 06
    13. For first time access, the following alert may pop up. Click View… button to view the certificate issued by IronPort Appliance Demo Certificate. Click Confirm Security Exception button to continue.
    14. thunderbird roaming 07
    15. You should be able to send or receive emails now.
    16. If you encounter problem when sending out email, please verify the Outgoing Server (SMTP) settings.
      1. Press Alt key to show top menu, click Tools > Account Settings.
      2. On the left side of the window, select Outgoing Server (SMTP) to review the settings. Press Edit… button to amend the settings if needed.
        • Server name:
        • Port: 587
        • Connection security: STARTTLS.
        • Authentication method: Normal password
        • User name: HKU Portal UID
      3. thunderbird roaming 08
      4. Click OK to save the SMTP Server settings.
      5. Click OK to close the Account Settings window.