What constitutes computer and network abuse?

Network and computer abuse includes activities such as dissemination of computer viruses/Trojan horses, spam, copyright infringement, port scanning, using excessive network bandwidth, spying and hacking of others’ computers, etc.

If you received a computer abuse warning from the Information Technology Services and found that login access to your account has been temporarily disabled, you must clean up the virus or Trojan horses and send email to abuse@hku.hk with the full virus scan log stating what actions you have taken to fix the problem and to avoid the same problem from happening again.

I never received any ABUSE warning but still cannot connect to the network

Some anti-spyware or firewall software may block all network traffic due to mis-configuration. If you have newly installed anti-spyware or firewall, you should check the configurations carefully, or temporarily disable the software to see if the network blockage is due to the software.