Notes on Request for Addition/Relocation of Computer Network Points

  1. Departments please fill in application form CF71 “Application for Addition/Relocation of Network
    Points” and attach floor plan(s) indicating the exact location(s) of the network point(s)/WiFi access points to be added or relocated.
  2. Departments will be charged for the cost of addition/relocation of network points/WiFi access points and
    the administering authority will be requested to endorse the charge via CF71 after it is submitted by the applicant. The charging rate is subject to annual review by ITS.
  3. Upon receipt of CF71, ITS will contact the department to confirm the exact location and requirements before commencement of installation/relocation. For network point relocation request, the network point has to be connected to the same IT closet as before or it will be considered as a new installation request.
  4. The standard lead time for addition/relocation of network points/WiFi access points is 3 months.


Last update: 18 Feb 2019



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