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…About HKU The latest information of HKU Attendance@HKU Taking attendance at classes and events Courses@HKU Provide course information, course enrollment statistics and plan for undergraduates Timetable Timetable information of HKU

Procedure on Uploading MP4 Videos on the HKU Video Streaming Server

…video /disk1/<your account name>/sso/ https://vss.hku.hk/sso/<your account name>/<video>.mp4 SSO + ACL video /disk1/<your account named>/sso/<subdirectory>/ https://vss.hku.hk/sso/<your account name>/<sub-directory>/<video>.mp4 Path on server URL Links /disk1/vs00000/sso/Test2.mp4 https://vss.hku.hk/sso/vs00000/Test2.mp4 /disk1/vs00000/sso/acl/Test2.mp4 https://vss.hku.hk/sso/vs00000/acl/Test2.mp4 /disk1/vs00000/sso/acl2/Test2.mp4 https://vss.hku.hk/sso/vs00000/acl2/Test2.mp4 /disk1/vs00000/vod/Test1.mp4 https://vss.hku.hk/vod/vs00000/Test1.mp4…

FAQs on Moodle and Panopto for Teachers and Students

…Panopto from mainland China? Link to a system Alternative access method https://moodle.hku.hk https://lecturecapture.hku.hk If you encounter any connection problem to Panopto (https://lecturecapture.hku.hk), please try the following: Connect through HKUVPN…

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    Multi-Factor Authentication

    February 2024
    February 2024

    Mandatory for all staff accounts

    April 2024
    April 2024

    Mandatory for all student accounts