Email and Calendar

Email and calendar service is provided for use by all University members.  It is supported by both in-house email systems and outsourced email platform with anti-spam and anti-virus protection.


Supported by a number of in-house systems running on Microsoft Exchange (HKUCC1 or  Each account is allocated with 15GB disk quota (email archive is available when disk quota exceeds) with accessibility to Global Address List (GAL).

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Powered by Microsoft from 1 June 2022 ( and students can keep using their email accounts after graduation.

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Graduates of 2012 and beyond can keep using their student email accounts ( after graduation.  Earlier graduates will have their HKU email accounts created on (@10MB disk quota).


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  • Other supported email clients or apps (Outlook or OWA) for those using

Retirees can continue using their staff email accounts ( and is subject to annual renewal.      


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Honorary Appointees

Departments can apply for an HKU Poral account for use by their honorary appointees via CF-106b.

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Account Holders

Department can apply for a departmental account for projects or collaboration works via CF-106b.

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