Why I cannot connect to HKUVPN from China?

…servers located outside China. Users may experience difficulty in connecting HKUVPN from China and in some cases, users may be able to connect HKUVPN after a few trials. HKUVPN connection…

HKU Virtual Private Network (HKUVPN)

HKU Virtual Private Network (HKUVPN)

HKUVPN is a channel for accessing the campus network when staff, students, honorary appointees and departmental account holders are outside the University network. It supports a secure connection for them…

Information Technology Services Guide

…staff and students will have 2FA registered for them automatically. They will receive a one-time token code every time when they make a VPN connection. Please refer to our HKUVPN

User Guide on Roundcube Webmail

…Remote Access via HKUVPN (Virtual Private Network): https://its.hku.hk/kb/hkuvpn-connection-with-2fa/ Email display problem: I can see only one email message in my inbox, I should have more email messages. What should I…

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