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Procedures to access Free WiFi Service at eduroam Institutions for HKU Staff and Students

eduroam, or Education Roaming, is a WiFi (Wireless LAN) mutual access initiative among member institutions around the world. Our participation in eduroam enables our staff and students to access the WiFi network in other local and overseas universities that are eduroam members. For more information on eduroam and its members, please refer to

Pre-requisites for using eduroam service for HKU staff and students:

  • Must be a current HKU student or staff with valid HKU Portal account.
  • For HKU Portal account created before 5 June 2009, register to enable eduroam access by login HKU Portal > Campus Information Services > Central IT Services > Register to use WiFi service.
  • For HKU Portal account created on or after 5 June 2009, no registration is required. Please follow configuration procedures below.

Configuration procedures:

  1. Procedure for Windows 8 and 10
  2. Procedure for Windows 7
  3. Procedure for Mac
  4. Procedure for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  5. Procedure for Android
  6. Procedure for BlackBerry
  7. Procedure for Other Systems