How to Use Message Rules in Outlook to Filter Spam?

  1. Click the Tools menu. 
  2. Select Rules and Alerts. 
  3. In the Rules and Alerts window, click New Rule. 
  4. In the Rules Wizard window, select Start from a blank rule => Check messages when they arrive => Next.
  5. Under Step 1: Select condition(s), check with specific words in subject
  6. Under Step 2: Edit the rule description, click specific words (underlined in blue).
  7. In the Search Text window, enter your specific criteria for the rule and click Add. Click OK to return to the Rule Wizard window. 
  8. In the Rules Wizard window, click Next.
  9. Under Step 1: Select Actions, check move it to the specified folder and stop processing more rules.
  10. Under Step 2: Edit the rule description, click specified folder (underlined in blue). 
  11. Choose a folder where you want spam email to be filtered. If necessary, click New and create a Junk E-mail folder as a subfolder in your Inbox folder. This will allow you to review all of your spam messages before deleting them. Click OK once finished. 
  12. Click Finish to close the Rules Wizard and OK to close the Rules and Alerts window.



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February 2024
February 2024

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May 2024

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