Procedure to grant a delegate to manage your Calendar using MS Outlook

* Note: The Delegate Access feature allows your delegate to manage your Calendar. The feature is available in MS Outlook only.
  1. Open Outlook, select File tab on the top left corner.
  2. delegate-calendar-05
  3. Under Account Information, select Accounts Settings > Delegate Access.
  4. delegate-calendar-06
  5. In the Delegates dialog box, click Add button.
  6. delegate-calendar-07
  7. In the Add Users dialog box,
    • Select More columns
    • Type your delegate’s UID, and click Go
    • Select your delegate from the list, and click Add ->
    • Click OK


  8. In the Delegate Permission dialog box,
    • Select Editor (can read, create, and modify items) from the Calendar drop-down list
    • Check Delegate receives copies of meeting-related messages sent to me
    • Select None from the Task drop-down list
    • If you do not want your delegate to see your private items, uncheck Delegate can see my private items
    • Click OK


  9. In the Delegates dialog box, click OK.
  10. delegate-calendar-10
After completing above steps, your delegate can open your Shared Calendar by following steps at here.


Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts