Backup & Restore

…make a backup. In the course webpage, Go to the “Administration” Block, Under the “Course administration”, Click the “Backup”. In the course backup page, You can configure the backup settings…

Procedure for Mac to Access “HKU” WiFi

A. Pre-requisite To access “HKU” WiFi, please check to make sure your Wi-Fi LAN card is WPA-compliant. update your WLAN driver to the latest version. B. Configuration Procedure (to be…

Printing at Learning Commons – uPrint

…Charging (print and copy) B&W – A4 Color – A4 Simplex Duplex Simplex Duplex $0.3 or 1 unit/page $0.2 or 0.67 unit/page $1.5 or 5 units/page $1.0 or 3.33 units/page

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    Multi-Factor Authentication

    February 2024
    February 2024

    Mandatory for all staff accounts

    May 2024
    May 2024

    Mandatory for all student accounts