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HKU Portal Account

Each new student will be provided with an HKU Portal UID and PIN at admission registration. The pre-assigned UID begins with “h” or “u” followed by the 3rd to 9th digit of HKU student number. Students can change their pre-assigned UID once during their entire studies at the University.

New staff will receive the “Instructions on Computer Account Application” together with their appointment letter sent by the Human Resource Section of Registry. Please follow the steps to apply for the HKU Portal account (click here for the online form). For those who do not receive the “Instructions on Computer Account Application”, they can submit application via (accessible within HKU campus network).  

The UID chosen by a user should resemble his name. Information Technology Services reserves the right to disapprove any UID.

Other Types of Accounts

Please complete and return the corresponding application forms to apply for a specific type of account or proxy right.

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